Webinar 48: Unveiling the Innovation Center 2021

Webinar 48: Unveiling the Innovation Center 2021

Raising the Bar in Insights Delivery

Presentation Date:   Thursday, January 21, 2pm ET (11am PT)   

Presenters:   Dave Lundahl, CEO InsightsNow Inc. & Kayte Hamilton, Client Partner Director

2020 will likely go down as the greatest time of disruption in our lives. 2021 looks to be a year of recovery and a year of great opportunity. Consumers are ready to return to a new normal, yet they have changed. To align your innovation initiatives with these changed consumers, insights are needed to foster, guide and inspire.

Join us for this first webinar of 2021 where CEO Dave Lundahl will unveil the Innovation Center and Kayte Hamilton take you on a tour of this unique online portal designed to accelerate and improve insights for innovation in 2021.

The most actionable insights today are those that are behavioral – relevant information for decision making based on neuromarketing techniques that get to the whys of behavior. These behavioral insights can originate from findings discovered when reading behavioral reports, from slicing up warehoused historical information (i.e. secondary research) or by conducting original custom research (i.e. primary research). This portal raises the bar by providing access to all three of these sources of behavioral insights through a LEARNING CENTER, SCORING CENTER and TESTING CENTER to significantly reduce your time to and lower costs for behavioral insights.

The tour will showcase the

  • LEARNING CENTER – an treasure-trove of free downloadable behavioral reports, videos, eBooks and white papers available to users.
  • In the SCORING CENTER, we will tour Apps offering access to custom slices of warehoused Behavioral SCORES about thousands of attributes and qualities that can be built into products to nudge and disrupt consumers.
  • We’ll walk through the Assisted DIY TESTING CENTER including several easy-to-use Apps that generate Instant Quotes as you enter in research specs. Collaborate in real time through LiveChat with an expert in behavioral research design to quickly get your study in field to generate the behavioral insights needed for decision making.

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