Behavioral strategies for contextual relevance.

Our philosophy

At InsightsNow, we believe that to create product experiences people love, you have to understand and influence key consumer ‘Moments’.

Search Moment

Shopping Moment

Usage Moment

Sharing Moment

Within Moments there are 8 opportunities, across product and brand strategy, to make a change in consumer habits by applying our behavioral techniques.

InsightsNow Moments

It is hard to align product and brand strategy – but it is essential to create experiences people love.

Our moments-based behavioral approach helps visionary product leaders activate insights and align product and brand strategy to build a healthier, happier world.

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Our solutions

Unique behavioral approaches to uncover the pivotal moments that inspire innovative products

Opportunity identification

Discover unfulfilled aspirations to forecast desires and demand that extends product lifetime

Product design & development

Identify cues that signal the benefits of your product experience to form delight and loyalty

Brand fingerprint design

Define your sensory-brand fingerprint to establish and reinforce loyalty and product love


The Moments-First approach reveals the context needed to truly empathize and understand consumers

Product marketing & package design

Prime slow-changing implicit memories to drive consumer reaction and association behaviors

Product strategy

Visualize and articulate winning business logic that guides cross-functional teams to win

Our approach

Moments-centric techniques to uncover behaviors and sensory cues that motivate consumers

Benchmark deeper human truths

Discover the beliefs, triggers and cues to inform and inspire effective innovation

Gauge emotional impact

Uncover the true experience by understanding subconscious emotional connections to product

Prime & measure implicit reactions

Unlock unexpected ways to nudge and disrupt consumers with our patent-pending Implicit/Explicit™ test

Track & capture behavioral change

See the impact of your brand on consumer behavior – to lead you must create change vs. follow trends

Lead brilliant ideation

Ensure product and market fit through our moments-based co-creation process




Create a powerful pipeline of innovation ideas focused on winning specific moments in peoples’ lives