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Powering packaging decisions to win the moment for Tofurky

“InsightsNow’s comprehensive predictions for consumer acceptance helped justify investment in new manufacturing equipment and development processes.”

– SVP Growth and Innovation, Tofurky

Client Stories

Powering packaging decisions to win the moment for Tofurky

Needing to optimize their packaging and shelf placement decisions to motivate consumer purchases, Tofurky, one of the largest producers of vegan plant-based proteins in the U.S., sought our behavioral expertise for help.

Pivotal packaging decisions

Tofurky faced the challenge of making expensive packaging decisions for their innovative plant-based deli slices. Traditional survey research is often devoid of context to provide relevant insights. So, they required a solution that quickly provided behavioral insights to best understand the impact of packaging options in the context of meat products or competitive meat alternatives.

The process of uncovering behavioral insights

Our behavioral experts designed an accessible, winning solution. First, we established a baseline category choice for the original package design within shelf sets. Following, we used our patent-pending Implicit/Explicit Test™ to uncover subconscious perceptions and emotions for one of three alternative designs — and again measured category choices. Baseline comparisons measured LIFT with diagnostic insights to understand why.

The right packaging to motivate and win in the moment

Our moments-based approach uncovered the packaging design significantly improving category LIFT in the context of different shelf placements. Traditional liking and ranking offered little difference between packaging concepts. But our Implicit/Explicit Test™ uncovered significant whys of LIFT for a less expensive soft tray for both placements. The results provided the confidence the Tofurky team needed in deciding where to invest for marketplace success.

Accelerating time to market through a moments-based approach to co-design with Campbell’s

“In one month, we were able to translate the concept into a product footprint enabling commercialization in seven months.”

– Menexia Tsoubeli, VP R&D Fresh Campbell’s Soup

Client Stories

Accelerating time to market through a moments-based approach to co-design with Campbell’s

Seeking to solve one of the biggest challenges in product innovation and marketing — translating a brand’s promise to product requirements — Campbell’s, a global manufacturer and marketer of high-quality foods and simple meals, came to us to power a solution.

Fast and effective product innovation

With an aggressive goal of launching a new soup line in less than six months, Campbell’s required a solution to rapidly and cost-effectively develop concepts that consumers recognize as meeting the brand promise. It’s a complex challenge to define and translate emotionally significant elements into products. Rooting decisions in metrics such as preference does not power the product and brand alignment that is needed to create concepts for long-term success.

A behavioral transformation of co-design

Our unique moments-based behavioral approach was just the right solution to define product concept requirements swiftly and successfully for Campbell’s. Their team embraced our moments-based approach that primed participants into their most relevant soup moments. This powered our rapid, iterative methodology to identify cues that can be designed into soups which signal vibrant, generous, delicious, hearty and homemade.

Familiar with a twist

Over three days, our experts led the Campbells team and target soup consumers on an inspirational journey to bring concepts to life. Ultimately, the new soup line was a win for Campbell’s — with first-year product performance exceeding expectations and leading to a line for national launch. Further, what the Campbell’s team learned from our approach will continue to advance their innovation process.