Webinar 47: Sprinting to Success

From Idea to Store Shelf in Record Time

Presented:  December 10

Presenters:   Dave Lundahl, CEO InsightsNow Inc. and Mark Crowell, CEO Culinex LLC

Dave Lundahl, CEO of behavioral consumer research firm InsightsNow, and Mark Crowell, CEO of Clean Label Product Development firm CuliNex, will discuss the CRAEVS Solution. CRAEVS brings together the latest product development and behavioral research methodologies into one seamless solution that is fast, efficient, cost effective and grounded in consumer insights. These sprints cover the 4 essential D’s of Innovation, discovery, design, delivery, and drive into the marketplace.  In November, they presented a webinar on the front end of Innovation – White Space Discovery.

This webinar will complete the journey through some case studies of rapid, iterative sprinting.  These sprints take any viable idea, and rapidly Design the product against Discovered behavioral KPIs established to ensure market disruption.  This solution also shortens time to market through a Delivery sprint where prototypes are produced in a pilot run, and made ready for rapid, in-store and in-home testing to ensure the behavioral KPIs are met.

The result? A 60% increase in successful market launches and a 30% improvement in speed to market. Proven success from a proven process. That’s CRAEVS.