Webinar 46: Three Dimensions of White Space Discovery

Presented:   November 19

Presenters: :  Dave Lundahl, CEO InsightsNow Inc., Mark Crowell, CEO Culinex LLC, and Matt Ferguson, Vice President of Innovation Services, Xinova

Winning ideas are forged by creative focus at the innovation front end where three white spaces converge.  This includes ideas filling Product White Space where your competitors are not playing, Technology White Space where your competitors cannot play, and Behavioral White Space where there is great disruptive potential.

In this webinar, experts from 3 of the country’s leading innovation firms, Xinova, CuliNex and InsightsNow will premiere a new, joint solution for CPG brands called CRAEVS™ Discovery.

We will discuss the CRAEVS™ Discovery methodology and provide case studies that illustrate how we apply behavioral metrics to guide product platform discovery enabled by game-changing technologies.  The results are exciting: a pipeline of viable product ideas with prototypes ready to develop into commercialized award-winning products.