Going Behavioral with Implicit / Explicit Testing

Going Behavioral with Implicit / Explicit Testing

Research Applications of Implicit Measures of Emotions

Where are unique applications of implicit testing that provide the needed insights to speed innovation?

Presenter:  Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer

DateMarch 7, 2019

Research participants, as well as most people, want to give “right” answers, especially if asked to predict their future behavior.  With this challenge, how do you dig deeper and elicit honest, accurate predictors of their acceptance of products or ingredients?

Implicit testing leverages context to measure emotional and rational reactions which motivate decisions and behavior, especially acceptance vs avoidance behaviors.  This has a particular application with Clean Label Enthusiasts, providing insights into acceptance or avoidance of ingredients or component materials.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How implicit/explicit testing works and examples of analytical and interpretation methods.
  • food avoidance behaviorWhat questions are best suited for this approach.
  • How to differentiate products quantitatively based on their emotional impact profile.
  • How you can amp up your research with implicit testing.

Please join us for 30 minutes and bring your questions.  Imagine where you can apply this research approach to your innovation and marketing challenges.

We hope to see you there,

The Team at InsightsNow