Webinar 5 – December 2017 “Binge Watching Consumers”

Webinar 5 – December 2017 “Binge Watching Consumers”

Binge Watching Consumers!

Using Online Immersive Research to Reveal Unexpected Human Truths

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Date:   Tuesday, December 5,  2 pm ET


Karen Lynch, Senior Director Qualitative Research 

Jaclyn LaPoma, Research Director

Jenny O’Connor, Qualitative Specialist

You’re invited to join us for 30 minutes on December 5th to learn more about: Binge Watching Consumers! Using Online Immersive Research to Reveal Unexpected Human Truths.

Following an online bulletin board project is indeed a bit like viewing multiple episodes of a television series on repeat. The complicated content engages us, emotionally charged stories engross us, and our empathy offers us great perspective. We’re hooked. Well… many of us are.

We are hooked because online immersive research approaches provide the behavioral insights you need to know about your consumers, so your products and messages are more relevant and meaningful, which in turn makes you more successful in market! 

Are you still unconvinced that devouring hours of consumer insights might not be as desirable as a day with The Gilmore Girls? In this December webinar, you will learn how online, immersive, bulletin-board-style research will help you:

  • Overcome internal challenges that make you feel like a cast member of an award-winning fantasy television series.
  • Get an ethnographic glimpse into humankind, human behavior, people’s unique lives and their wonderful connections, much like you gain watching a particular critically acclaimed television comedy-drama.
  • Learn what to expect from the analyses of an online bulletin board and how the insights gleaned can set you up to beat the competition, like the characters in a Netflix Original series.

We do hope you’ll join us. After all, “Online is the New In-Person,” and after our webinar, you’ll be able to see if you correctly guessed the three TV series that mirror each of the three research challenges we’ll be addressing.