Webinar- The Alternative Protein Mindset: Cultivating Consumer Trust

Webinar- The Alternative Protein Mindset: Cultivating Consumer Trust

What’s going on with consumers and alternative protein products? 

Presented:   May 2019

:  Dave Lundahl, CEO

Besides vegans and vegetarians, Clean Label Enthusiasts and many general population omnivores are also opting more often for alternative proteins at meals instead of meats.  They could be motivated by health, sustainability, economic interests or a combination of these influences.  With this increasingly broad range of customers using alternative proteins, the need grows to understand their expectations, concerns, and desires from this category.

Food companies are answering the market interest with a host of new non-meat options, but have many questions about this new market. Some of these questions are:

  • What is the depth of acceptance for alternative proteins among the general population and among Clean Label Enthusiasts?
  • Which sources of information do these consumers trust?
  • Which alternative proteins are most and least accepted? How do perceptions of alternative proteins compare to perceptions of animal proteins?
  • What are the main reasons that individuals accept or avoid alternative proteins? Do consumers care most about health, taste, sustainability, affordability, or something else?
  • Which alternative protein best fits MY product category?


Snack bar with alternative proteinsInsightsNow posed these questions to their CLE community, as well as the general population, and uncovered behavioral insights to share at this webinar.  

Join us to learn what we uncovered!