“A New Formula for Disruptive Product Innovation”

“A New Formula for Disruptive Product Innovation”

Using Behavioral Insights in Product Design Sprints

(first in a new series)

Presented   March 2020     

Presenters:  Dave Lundahl, CEO InsightsNow and Mark Crowell, CEO CuliNex.

We live in a time of disruptive change.  Nowhere is change more pertinent than in the food industry where changes in consumer behavior as well as advances in food technology and ingredient innovation are driving challenges and opportunities.  In response to this change, innovators and technologist need new tools and approaches for more rapid, iterative food product design based on behavioral insights.

Join us in this first in a series of webinars by InsightsNow in partnership with CuliNex where founders Dave Lundahl and Mark Crowell discuss a “new formula” for behavior-driven food product design.

In this webinar we’ll:

  • Share how you’ll accelerate product innovation using behavioral insights
  • Show powerful, yet simple tools, to help design for your consumers


The Team at InsightsNow