How Clean Living Enthusiasts® are Changing Behaviors in Response to COVID-19

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How Clean Living Enthusiasts® are Changing Behaviors in Response to COVID-19

Presented   April  10, 2020     

PresentersGreg Stucky, Chief Research Officer InsightsNow Inc.  and Amy Mahony, Sr. Researcher, Qualitative Insights

As consumers progress through stages of adjustment to the social distancing disruption, a silver lining here is the opportunity for behavioral researchers to study how people change in response to this situation. We rarely see such a major behavioral disruption.  Everyone is asking when and now we’ll reach a new “normal.”  It is a time where behavioral researchers have an extremely important role to help companies and people cope with the impact of COVID-19.

Change will occur, the question is what changes will happen more quickly and which will take longer to materialize. Which behavior shifts are just short term and which will become long term change? And how will they affect my company?

Fear drives significant change. When we see large behavioral disruptors, people change their mindset, their motivations change, and their priorities change. Clean Living Enthusiast behaviors provide lead indicator into the behaviors which are changing now and are indicators of future change.

This webinar looks more closely at how mindsets and behaviors are changing:

  • Changes in the Mindset of Consumers
  • Shopping Behavior Changes
  • Tradeoffs/Product switches and why
  • Key motivators for behaviors

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