Webinar- Clean Label and the new Trust Economy

Transparency key to embracing the Clean Label challenge.

Speed innovation and strengthen claims using behavioral measures from the Clean Label community.

Presented  April 2019 

PresentersDave Lundahl, CEO InsightsNow,

Julie Quante, Sr. Research Director, and Merva  Morina, Sr. Project Director

Trust. Influence. Reputation. Accountability.

Consumers are demanding more transparency in every aspect of their lives—especially in what they and their families eat, put in their mouths, place on their skin, and breath or come into contact from within their home environments.  Join us to dive into this free-from movement where 1 in 4 consumers demand a clean label in over half of the products they buy.

Learn why perception is reality, driven by the new trust economy where likes on social media signal trust more than marketing content from large corporations or scientific “facts” from academia or the government.

Backed by 19,000 responses from US primary shoppers and a database of hundreds of thousands of behavioral measures from a community of “Clean Label Enthusiasts™,” we will offer six recommendations for how to overcome the clean label challenge for market success.

Hear case studies from industry leaders who are accelerating their learning cycles through access to behavioral measures from Clean Label Enthusiasts.  They’re confidently making ingredient and claim decisions for brands they support from KPIs generated about consumer clean label perceptions.

Please join us for 30 minutes and bring your questions.  Imagine where you can apply this research to your innovation and marketing challenges.