Top Five Trends from Naturally Trending™ Food and Beverage Report

by Heather

Top Five Trends from Naturally Trending™ Food and Beverage Report

Recently at the Natural Products Expo West, our team identified five emerging food and beverage innovation themes in the natural products space. As a quick round-up, we put together a Top Five snapshot of the major themes we discovered—themes that will surely shape the industry for years to come.

    1. Clean Label Evolution
    2. Plant-Based Revolution
    3. Hero Ingredients
    4. Functional Hydration
    5. Sustainability

The right market research approaches help your brand stay ahead of these trends. White space discovery is a great way to identify unmet consumer needs, or new consumer demands, and innovate products to meet that need. With so much constant change in natural products, there are myriad spaces for new products and new innovations. Implicit testing, using our proprietary Implicit / Explicit Test™, is another effective approach for understanding human behavior. The insights from this test guide you to innovate along the best path in order to resonate with your target audiences. 

For the natural products space specifically, researchers can leverage our Clean Label Enthusiasts® community——trend-identifying shoppers who lead the way on clean label consumption and evaluation. Also, our Innovation Center gives quick access to ingredient and behavioral scores that companies can use to help identify preferences and paths forward for innovation.