The Magical Mystery Moment  (and why it matters) 

by Carrie Janot
Vice President, Marketing

The Magical Mystery Moment  (and why it matters) 

Rethinking Innovation through Moments

In our recent event “Reimagine. Reinvent. The changing face of consumer research,” Greg Stucky, IN Chief Research Officer spoke to the challenges of forecasting and scenario planning, highlighting the need to comprehend foundational elements for predicting and accounting for perceived irrationality in consumer behavior. The key lies in focusing on pivotal moments in people’s lives, understanding how these moments influence behavior, and delving into the mystery of what makes these moments matter.

The Moment: A Source of Behavioral Insight

To truly grasp behavior, you must shift your focus from individuals to the moments they are in. People are inherently irrational, and understanding their behavior requires a deep dive into the context, internal needs, and external motivators present in each moment.

Deconstructing Moments

Three crucial elements in understanding moments:
1. Context of the Occasion: Examining the setting in which an individual engages in a particular behavior, such as eating pizza.
2. Internal Needs: Identifying the personal concerns, goals, and ideals at the forefront of an individual’s mind during the moment.
3. Motivators: Recognizing the cues and signals in the environment that drive  behavior, including both explicit and subconscious influences.

Impact of Changing Moments

The webinar illustrates how altering one element of a moment, such as the context, can dramatically influence behavior. A simple shift, like eating pizza in the car instead of at home, can reshape preferences, choices, and even brand associations.

From Person-Centric to Moment-Centric Innovation

The crux of the paradigm shift lies in moving from a focus on individuals to a focus on the moments they inhabit. By doing so, the approach to innovation is reimagined, leading to a profound rethinking of methods and techniques traditionally used in research.

Reinventing Research Techniques

Practical options to get moments into research:

  1. Storytelling: Encouraging participants to share personal stories, bringing to the surface subconscious cues and concerns that influence their behavior.
  2. Priming: Using techniques to prompt participants to think beyond the immediate interaction, considering the broader context in which a product may be encountered.

Imagining the Unfamiliar

Encouraging product leaders to reimagine innovation involves considering situations that individuals may have never experienced. Techniques such as imagery, storytelling, and technological tools like AR and VR help transport participants to novel contexts, revealing new influences and uncovering fresh insights.

Conclusion: A Call to Action for Visionary Leaders

Reinvent how you do innovation. By starting with a moment-centric foundation and infusing moments-based research into existing methods, leaders can gain more reliable behavioral data, uncover new insights, and discover innovative opportunities.

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