The Battle for Attention: Marketing Claims Highlighted in New Report

by Carrie Janot
Vice President, Marketing

The Battle for Attention: Marketing Claims Highlighted in New Report

In our new InsightsNow Naturally Trending™ Food & Beverage Report, we covered the Top Five Trends we discovered at the Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) conference. We’ve already talked about taste, and plant-based trends, and here we will be looking at some of the themes in marketing claims in our report section called “New and Growing Marketing Claims.” 


Trend Three: Marketing Claims

Three prominent themes dominated marketing claims at NPEW: allergy-free products, hero ingredients, and beverages.

The first noteworthy trend was the abundance of allergy-free food claims. From baby food to breads and free-from snacks, these newly introduced allergen-friendly items reflect the growing demand for a food industry that prioritizes allergy awareness. Consumers are actively seeking products that cater to their specific allergy needs, and this trend was evident throughout the event.

Another prominent theme was the emphasis on hero ingredients and their associated claims. This trend was prevalent across a range of products, from children’s snacks to fruit-based items. Manufacturers highlighted these hero ingredients’ unique qualities and benefits to capture consumers’ attention and promote their products effectively. 

Additionally, the beverage sector showcased remarkable innovation once again. In an already saturated market, beverage brands sought marketing claims that would differentiate their products from the competition. With the goal of standing out among the crowd, these brands pushed the boundaries of creativity and introduced captivating claims to entice consumers.


Using Market Research to Land on Claims

It is essential to deeply understand human behavior and preferences to create product stories and claims that truly engage consumers. One way to get to these truths is implicit testing, like using the InsightsNow Implicit / Explicit Test™ which you can learn more about here. By identifying the motivations and desires of consumers, brands can craft food and beverage claims that resonate with target audiences.  

Furthermore, staying informed about the latest marketplace trends and staying on top of consumers’ changing preferences—and preferably staying ahead of them—is essential for achieving success. Businesses that keep a pulse on evolving consumer wants, needs, and desires through the right market research approaches can adapt their claims messaging to remain relevant and compelling in a dynamic market environment. 

Market research can also be leveraged to identify areas where consumers are experiencing “tensions” regarding different issues. For instance, if shoppers are concerned about climate change, they may actively seek out products that enable them to contribute towards its mitigation. By mapping these “tensions” to corresponding “market landscapes,” research can uncover the specific claims that effectively address these concerns.


Featured Products in our Report

Download the Naturally Trending™ Food & Beverage Report to see all the claims that caught our eye. This is one of the largest sections featured in the report, because there were just so many products to share! Some of the products included in our report: Mooala Organic® plant-based, vegan Bananamilk, Eat the Change® Cosmic Carrot Chews™, Laird Superfood® instant latte, and many other interesting products with unique claims! 


Getting the Right Claims

Overall, Natural Products Expo West demonstrated the power of marketing claims in influencing consumer choices, and helping to relieve “tensions” they feel about macro-issues through buying products that mitigate those tensions. The rise of allergy-free products, the focus on hero ingredients, and the ongoing innovation in the beverage industry were key highlights that emerged from the event. 

To ensure that the claims brands are as effective as they can be, the most reliable approach is to seek to engage with consumers and understand their perspectives to gather valuable insights that inform decisions about product claims. By actively listening to consumers and incorporating their feedback, brands can shape claims for success. Want to learn more? Reach out to us and download our report.