Tempting Consumers’ Tastebuds: The Key to Success in Food & Beverage

by Heather

Tempting Consumers’ Tastebuds: The Key to Success in Food & Beverage

InsightsNow recently released our second annual Naturally Trending™ Food & Beverage Report, covering the Top Five Trends we discovered by canvassing the 3,100+ booths at the renowned recent Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) conference. Here we discuss the first trend we report on: “Taste is King.”


Trend One: Taste is King

One of the prominent trends observed during our exploration of NPEW was the growing importance of exceptional taste in the natural products industry. The days of compromising taste for health or sustainability are fading away. According to our recent study of primary shoppers in the United States, a mere 32% would be willing to sacrifice taste for environmentally-friendly products. However, a staggering 68% of consumers prioritize taste and are not willing to compromise on flavor for the sake of sustainability or health. And brands are listening, with all the tasty products at NPEW as a key indicator of this shift.


Sustainability Meets Sensational Flavor

There is no doubt that natural product companies are recognizing the significance of taste in driving repeat purchases. We saw incredible innovation a flavorful direction—from mushroom jerky (Eat the Change®) to yummy salad dressings (Brianna’s®) to chocolates (Pocket’s Chocolates™)—showcasing the emergence of new natural products that are incredibly delicious while still holding space for health and sustainability. This realization indicates that taste and other consumer priorities can coexist harmoniously, allowing consumers to meet multiple aspirations in the grocery store.


Featured Products in our Report

Check out the report to see what brands we included due to their outstanding taste innovations this year. We chatted with a couple of the included companies to find out how they are incorporating consumer feedback to develop products with taste that wins loyalty. Sip Herbals, for example, sought input at many consumer levels to create their caffeine-free coffee alternative with delicious natural flavors and aromas. Similarly, MyForest™ Foods shared with us that they utilize blind taste tests, feedback surveys, focus groups, and sampling, among other market research approaches, to taste one of their highest priorities. By actively incorporating consumer feedback to develop and innovate for exceptional taste, food and beverage brands can ensure their offerings resonate with customers.


The Power of Sensory Appeal

While branding, packaging, and claims play a vital role in attracting consumers initially, the sensory aspects of taste and flavor are what keep products returning to the shopping cart. It is important to note that this increased focus on creating products that tantalize the taste buds is capturing consumers on this front.


Read all about the innovative and delicious food and beverage products that cater to this growing demand in the new Naturally Trending™ Food & Beverage Report. Learn more about the ever-evolving natural products market, and how what we learned at NPEW will impact the larger food and beverage landscape.