Consumers Meet Sustainable Shopping Goals by Purchasing Plant-Based Meats

by Heather

Consumers Meet Sustainable Shopping Goals by Purchasing Plant-Based Meats

InsightsNow, a behavioral research firm, has released new insights surrounding the plant-based meat category and consumer attitudes toward sustainability regarding this vertical. The recent Aspirational Compass study shows that plant-based meats are commonly perceived to support sustainability concerns — through ethical considerations like animal welfare — and environmental concerns like using less land, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reducing water pollution.

“Food sustainability concerns are growing in importance among primary shoppers, and plant-based meat can satisfy many shopper aspirations toward environmental responsibility,” said Dave Lundahl, CEO & Founder at InsightsNow. “We conducted our study to understand where the gaps are between how brands are positioning sustainability initiatives and how shoppers are actually shopping. This identified gap is whitespace for the innovation of products, including plant-based meats, which can more effectively resonate with consumers’ desire to protect the environment.”

The study broke respondents down into shopper persona categories, and found that those with higher discretionary income are already buying plant-based to help meet their aspirational goals both for health and for sustainability. But for many other shopper categories, including those with lower income who also aspire to shop sustainability, brands have opportunities to create different messaging and positioning to reach new audiences.

The “Aspirational Compass” study was conducted in August 2022 among 2,891 U.S.-based primary shoppers, including among InsightsNow’s Clean Label Enthusiasts® community. The study was designed to help brands identify current and future consumer goals, as well as to understand where consumers are at today in their buying journey as well as where they will be in the future. Learnings from the research can help build brand strength by deeper consumer insights for better in-market positioning. Learn more

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