InsightsNow Hires New Senior Director of Strategic Consulting

by Heather

InsightsNow Hires New Senior Director of Strategic Consulting

Brian Briskey joins to advance company’s approach to setting strategic direction for innovation, brand and product development teams

InsightsNow, a behavioral research and strategy firm, has hired Brian Briskey as a Senior Director of Strategic Consulting. Briskey will work closely with both sales and research teams to further advance client insights for cross-functional and cross-departmental alignment. The newly created role was formed to further support the company’s portfolio of strategic consulting services for innovation, brand and product development clients.

“Brian’s unique background brings a strategic rigor to our portfolio of services where focus, agility and alignment of cross-functional teams are key to effectively pivot in today’s chaotic business climate,” said Dave Lundahl, CEO & Founder of InsightsNow. “Brian is skilled in helping teams visualize the complexities of what is known and unknown about consumer, market and competitive forces that create uncertainty. This foresight leads to the design of consumer and market research to illuminate unknowns so teams can focus on the best path forward.”

Brian Briskey, Senior Director of Strategic Consulting

Briskey joins InsightsNow as a highly collaborative strategist, known for his extensive use of strategic frameworks to visualize strategic options. He has practiced the Army Design Methodology and Strategic Foresight schools of thought, where he applied 4th Psychological Operations Group decision-making processes for the military. This background led to a career as a business consultant, advising entrepreneurs and business leaders to leverage offset strategies for product launch and market entry. Briskey is active with the Association of Strategic Planners and received an MBA from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine with a focus on consumer insights and disruptive innovation. View his team profile here. 

“Brian’s expertise in simplifying and expediting decision-making processes for product launch and market entry will help our clients merge business goals with execution for growth and success outcomes,” said Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer at InsightsNow. “His input will provide valuable pathways for our clients’ innovations and we look forward to his dynamic energy being part of our team.”

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