Nov 2-4, 2022 Society of Sensory Professionals – Surviving to Thriving


Sensory Opportunity in a Decentralized Age​

One of our favorite events is the biennial Society of Sensory Professionals (SSP) Conference.  We’ll be there are excited to see everyone in person again, in Savannah Georgia.

InsightsNow has roots in sensory science and has long participated in and contributed to the conference. The focus this year is on the resiliance of sensory science through the pandemic disruption, as they explain:

“​​​This year, we are celebrating the diversity of technologies, opinions, cultures, and methodologies that has allowed sensory and consumer science to thrive under adverse conditions.”

Be sure to check out the research we are showcasing in the poster sessions:

  • Sensory & consumer methods when facing reformulation due to supply chain changes
  • How culinary & sensory combine to jumpstart innovation
  • Unfulfilled aspirations: a new mindset for segmentation

Come by to visit and let’s explore these current timely topics.

Greg Stucky, Sara Yang, Kristin Wright are attending from the InsightsNow team and hope to see you there.

Make sure you sign up at !