Supply Chain Shortages: Market Research To Help You Choose Successful Solutions

by Heather

Supply Chain Shortages: Market Research To Help You Choose Successful Solutions

Supply chain issues happen—even in the best of times. But in recent years, disruptions have become pervasive. Manufacturers across different categories must be nimble to keep production going. Issues arise from many factors—from labor shortages, crop failures, ingredient unavailability, or transportation challenges—to closures due to the pandemic. Whatever the reason for scarcity, brands have had to pivot production in many ways, from ingredient substitutions to pack changes. 

But when brands pivot—from small changes like a sweetening ingredient to large ones like moving from glass bottles to plastic containers—how do they ensure that their key consumers will purchase the updated product? This question is where market research brings answers. Quickly learn how these consumers will react by implementing the right approach.  

Using Alienation Testing for Consumer Understanding

The InsightsNow Alienation Test™ is a unique behavioral approach that assesses the impact on consumer behavior when brands need to change a product due to supply chain issues. Gaining an understanding of the best path forward with available replacements (from the most important standpoint—consumer purchasing behavior) ensures continued success despite needed adjustments. 

Alienation testing uncovers how much consumer alienation would result from making the product change. This testing provides the vital information you need to ensure you don’t lose current users when implementing changes required to deal with supply chain issues. 

Accessing Consumer Behavioral Data in the Scoring Center

Are you dealing with ingredient supply issues? Accessing our Ingredient Scoring database helps you find acceptable substitutions. It is a self-service research tool designed to assist teams during ingredient selection and helps determine the best direction for an ingredient substitution. 

There are hundreds of ingredients currently available in the database—the only syndicated open-source of behavioral data on consumers’ implicit reactions to ingredients—and their benefits and associations. 

While supply chain shortages are disruptive to the manufacturing and production process, it is also disruptive to consumers. Learn how to best navigate changes agilely by using market research.

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