Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing: New White Paper

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InsightsNow Six Ways to Use Implicit

Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing: New White Paper

Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing: New White Paper

Behavioral research firm InsightsNow releases new white paper about utilizing implicit testing for claims, messaging, concept and product research


30 September 2021 – Portland, OR –InsightsNow, a behavioral research firm, has released a new white paper, “Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing”. The paper explores a variety of applications using In The Implicit / Explicit Test™—a  patent-pending market research methodology from InsightsNow. The application of implicit testing for claims research, new product development, marketing and message testing, concept evaluation and more are covered.

“Using implicit testing in market research allows us to get a deeper level of insight and understanding into the true motivators behind human behavior,” says Dave Lundahl, CEO and Founder at InsightsNow. “Our Implicit / Explicit Test offers unique calibrated classifications to give quantifiable ways for researchers to make better decisions all along the supply chain.” 


The paper “Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing” explores: 

  1. Claims Testing to Achieve Behavioral Impact 
  2. Ingredient Scoring to Build Clean Label Products
  3. Ingredient Benefit Associations for Functional Product Design 
  4. Message Testing for Media Targets 
  5. Emotions Testing to Understand Product Experience 
  6. Concept Scoring to Uncover Category Lift

Each area is supported by an in-depth case study to show readers real-life applications of the technique.

The new white paper looks deeply at implicit and explicit reactions in market research, and how researchers are able to gather the insights needed to impact future consumer behavior—either by nudging current behaviors along or disrupting behavior to drive new choices. 

You can access “Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing” by InsightsNow here.



Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing