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Product Claims Testing

Do your product claims drive behavior?

Enhance business success by employing behavioral research methods

Have you ever chosen a snack food at the grocery store because the label said the item was “low-fat” or “all natural”? Or perhaps picked up a new cosmetic product because it was “tested on sensitive skin”? Consumers read labels and the claims you make influence the purchasing patterns and behaviors of your target audience.

Claims testing allows brands to identify the most persuasive product claims, claims that will influence purchasing. Let’s face it, we are living in a new world and consumers’ preferences, wants and needs have shifted and continue to shift dramatically. They are looking for more brand transparency, they are shopping online more, and they may be trading up for new and different products as they seek stimulation and seek comfort in today’s world. When doing claims testing it’s also important to make sure that the claims you use are implicitly measuring up to the delivered product experience and benefits to drive the behaviors that will help grow and expand product use.

So how do you craft strategic claims that will trigger brand choice and brand loyalty, and reach people where they are? We use a few different approaches to get the answers you need. One way is by applying our proprietary Implicit/Explicit Test™ to claims and product testing. We gather consumers’ subconscious reactions to product experience in a unique way that gives you understanding of what claims will resonate at a deeper level and which claims will drive the desired behavior forward.

Another way to test claims is to gauge their emotional impact. Using a claim performance scale, claims about health, fragrance, ingredients, and more are assessed for relevance, emotions and behavioral impact. By plotting the gathered average positive emotions score for your claim against relevancy scale for your claim, we see which of your potential claims are both relevant and have high emotional impact.

There are many ways to get the claims answers you need for greatest success in market – reach out to us and we can work together to see which behavioral research approach is best for your project.  Claims Testing is one of many apps in the InsightsNow Testing Center.