Sparking Insights, Finding Relevance: The October 2020 Quirks Event Virtual

by Heather

Sparking Insights, Finding Relevance: The October 2020 Quirks Event Virtual

Reaching target audiences is one of the key reasons we do market research. And the recent Quirk’s event was all about new and better ways to find out what makes those target consumers tick and how to best engage with them—by gathering the best data to inform approaches. In today’s world, our industry has had to move beyond traditional research and start using agile and efficient methodologies to uncover the insights our clients need most.

During this event, we checked out a lot of presentations that made us think! Earlier in the show, we caught Bernard Brenner with Microsoft talking about getting comfortable with non-traditional data sources, reaching beyond the typical research portfolio and designing small studies with quick-turn reports and results. He also touched on the agile mindset in market research—something we also talk a lot about here at InsightsNow. Agile is key to success, being able to adjust your research quickly in order to answer the questions you need answered.

And we also popped into a presentation about Generation Z—a hot topic as this younger generation enters into their full buying power over the coming years. Open Mind Strategy talked with us about points of view gathered from Gen Zers, and what they, as rising consumers, will look for in the brands trying to reach them.

And we hope everyone caught our own presentations at The Quirk’s Event! Dave Lundahl, InsightsNow Founder & CEO, talked about implicit and explicit modes of thinking pulling information from our new white paper: “The Implicit / Explicit Test™: Applying Neuromarketing to Enable Better Product Marketing, Development and Innovation.” Attendees remarked on Dave’s unique presentation model and enjoyed learning more about some truly unique and effective approaches. Did you miss it? Never fear, you can attend his upcoming webinar presentation on this topic on November 12, “Going with the gut or mind? Integrating implicit and explicit thinking for the greater good!”

And “The Haunting of Quantitative Data” was presented by our Client Partner Director, Kayte Hamilton. She took attendees on a journey through qualitative and quantitative research—and getting to the answers you want by telling a story through the data. You can catch a recording here.

Looks like Quirk’s is already lining up events for 2021, with a global virtual event in February plus hopeful in-person events later in 2021. What did you think about this most recent event? Will we see you there again in 2021?