August 20-24 Pangborn Sensory Symposium – Nantes, France

by Carrie Janot
Vice President, Marketing

August 20-24 Pangborn Sensory Symposium – Nantes, France

Meeting new challenges in a changing world

InsightsNow team members Dave Lundahl, Greg Stucky, and Kris Wright look forward to connecting with colleagues in Nantes, France for the 15th biannual Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium.  They are ready to learn and to share our latest research topics.

Show-casing recent research

We will have three poster presentions under these topics:

  • Designing Multi-Sensory Experiences through Aspirational Research    Dave Lundahl, U115
    Understand the aspirations of your target consumers and the sensory cues that communicate how their aspirations are met in your product.
  • Developing a Sensory Brand Fingerprint  Greg Stucky, U073
    Defining and communicating a sensory brand “fingerprint” to ensure that product strategy and innovation align by including fingerprint elements.

  • Are Demographics the Right Way to Humanize Your Story?  Kris Wright, I049
    While demographic questions are commonly asked to ensure the inclusion of diverse perspectives, how questions are asked is critical for participants to feel fully recognized as a person.  This research discusses when to ask demographic questions, offers guidelines in how to ask them, and offers a behavior-based alternative to gain deeper insights. 


Get a copy of these publications (without  the travel). Click the poster title. 

August 20-24, 2023
La Cité des Congrès de Nantes, located in the heart of historic Nantes, France.
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