The Newness Effect in Market Research

Last week, our CEO and Founder presented a webinar on “The Newness Effect,” a topic that has recently created a lot of buzz in our industry. It is important to understand and gain insight on The Newness Effect as it is the way we can connect the dots between implicit emotional impact ​and behavioral disruption for the products we create. Basically, it is how much share a new product introduction has the potential to take from a product category. The ability to predict how a new product will disrupt behavior of individual consumers and a product category is a powerful decision tool.

InsightsNow’s Behavioral Frameworks

In the webinar, you will be taken on a journey through InsightsNow’s unique Behavioral Frameworks, like the Behavior Pyramid™ and the Habit Flywheel™, and how utilizing them can offer researchers a new level of consumer insights. Using the Habit Flywheel as an example approach, Dave explores how the message, claims, brand and experience of a product come together and have the potential to come together and disrupt with a perception of “newness.”

The Newness Effect

The Newness Effect is based on some unique behavioral measures of Trust, Relevance, Uniqueness and Emotional (TRUE) impact. Employing research to discover The Newness Effect means you can uncover a set of metrics that can be used to gauge and predict category lift, a measure of how a new product disrupts a whole product category.

To illustrate this, the webinar digs deep into a case study involving the plant-based burger (such as Beyond Burger) and plant-based meat product (such as Tofurky) categories. Through home use testing and implicit testing examples, viewers will be able to understand, in real life, how to measure the TRUE impact of a product—and in turn understand how to leverage The Newness Effect.