Let’s Talk About “New Trends to Spot in the Future of Food”

by Heather

Let’s Talk About “New Trends to Spot in the Future of Food”

Our recent trip to Natural Products Expo West further solidified the fact that the food and beverage industry is constantly stepping up their game. In the quest to capture the hearts and taste buds of consumers, innovation is endless. And in order to know HOW to innovate, companies must stay ahead of the trends. Rolling Stone magazine just published “New Trends to Spot in the Future of Food.” The article highlights key trends that have emerged in response to changing consumer preferences and rising concerns around health, sustainability and convenience.

Regenerative Food Trends

The article claims that far and away the biggest trend in food right now is “regenerative,” a term that has seen a 113% increase in usage in the past 12 months. Money is flowing into the regenerative space, consumer demand is growing, and the author says this the trend is here to stay. However, while the trend is growing, it is also susceptible to greenwashing—a subject we have covered here at InsightsNow. You can learn more here.  It is important for companies to be transparent in their marketing practices around this topic to avoid backlash.

Nostalgic Food Trends

Leading food brands are tapping into nostalgia to market their products, according to Rolling Stone. Some approaches seen in the marketplace include reviving old marketing campaigns and creating plant-based versions of childhood favorites. The warmth and familiarity of nostalgia resonates with all the generations, and it is likely that future-of-food brands will continue to follow this trend as they introduce new climate-friendly and technology-powered food products.

Scientific and Technological Advances

The author notes that some food brands are using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to create hyper-realistic plant-based foods and unlock improved health benefits. It remains to be seen whether the investment into AI and machine learning will pay off, and whether these products will be well-received in the market. The success of early brands will determine whether this trend continues or fades away.

Cultivated Products

New Trends to Spot in the Future of Food” also points out that cultivated meat products are making their way into the market soon. And it’s not just meat, startups are cultivating products such as chocolate, caviar and coffee. The author notes that cultivated meat faces an uphill battle for consumer acceptance, but more “everyday” cultivated food products may help boost overall acceptance of the technology.

Check out “New Trends to Spot in the Future of Food” in Rolling Stone for an insightful overview of the latest trends in the food industry—highlighting the need for companies to adapt to changing consumer preferences and expectations in order to remain competitive in the future. To learn more about understanding human behavior so you can innovate the right way, reach out to us!

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