Master Your Sensory Brand Fingerprint

Event:  Thursday, April 18, 2024    2pm ET (11am PT)

Greg Stucky

Greg Stucky

Chief Research Officer


A strong sensory brand fingerprint is critical to long term success of a brand and product line. Brand value erodes over time when renovations and innovations don’t align with the current fingerprint which lets people know the product is authentic. When you stray too far from the emotional relationship built up by the brand, or too far from the critical sensory characteristics which ensure the brand feels authentic your customers will start looking to other brands to fulfill their in-the-moment motivations.

In this session we will cover the basics of a sensory brand fingerprint audit, what information you need to know and the steps for getting it done.


Your takeaways?

    • The link between brand equity, brand guardrails, and the sensory cues which define a brand
    • How to organize your brand benefits and cues to create a detailed definition of the fingerprint
    • How to align your rennovation and innovation initiatives to align with the sensory brand fingerprint.


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