Concept Creation 2.0: The First Step in Successful Innovation for the Greater Good

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Concept Creation 2.0: The First Step in Successful Innovation for the Greater Good

Concepting for health and value

Presentation Date:   Thursday, March 18, 2pm ET (11am PT)   

Presenters:   Dave Lundahl, CEO and Kayte Hamilton, Director of Innovation Center

Innovation is the key to creating a better world – a world that we all want and desire. The world economy is not sustainable based on everyone buying more consumer goods. The future is creating innovative consumer goods that achieve a cleaner, healthier and happier existence. Quality, not quantity.

Fundamental to this goal is a new approach to concepting – Concept Creation 2.0 – a designed approach focused on bringing to market successful products that are more sustainable, cleaner and healthier. This includes products that make people truly happier in the long term and that help them cope in a world of change. Quality, not quantity.

Aspiring to Concept Creation 2.0 requires a multi-disciplined approach at the front end of innovation. This approach channels creativity informed by consumer insights into the functional, social, sensorial and emotional dimensions of human experience. It is also guided by the “4Cs” of conceptual design for greater good.

This webinar will highlight the “4Cs” of concepting as guiding principles to Concept Creation 2.0. It will unveil a powerful new tool – The Behavioral Pyramid™ – to use to design products that implicitly signal and explicitly communicate value for the greater good. It will also provide case studies or where Concept Creation 2.0 was applied for Tofurky and an international healthy indulgent snack.