Fast-tracking Tofurky retail concepts with implicit testing

Fast-tracking Tofurky retail concepts with implicit testing

Leverage implicit testing to select and accelerate your concepts to retail shelves

Recorded  March 11, 2021

Presenters:   Greg Study, Chief Research Officer and Kenny McMahon, Research Director

Traditional concept testing metrics have failed us. A rational scaled approach to identifying the best concepts or product change ideas don’t provide a clear prediction of the potential change in consumer beliefs, expectations, and behaviors. We need to change concept testing for the greater good of the consumer by bringing in new metrics. 

These measures more clearly capture

  • how the concept impacts the consumer’s implicit connections to the product and brand and
  • how it changes their intuitive beliefs about the performance of the product.

During this webinar we will walk through a Tofurky Deli Meats case study showing both the traditional metrics as well as two new behavioral metrics (lift and Implicit scores). You will learn how to use and interpret these metrics and see how using these behavioral metrics improves your decision making for new concept evaluation.