Naturally Trending at Natural Products Expo

What behavioral insights can we find from what’s Naturally Trending™?

March 23  2 p.m ET (11 a.m. PT)

Presenters:   Dave Lundahl, Chief Executive Officer, InsightsNow; Kathy Stephenson, Director of Marketing, CuliNEX

What’s new this year to meet consumer aspirations?

At the upcoming 2023 Natural Products Expo West, the largest American showcase of natural products, we expect to see a whole slew of new natural products aspiring to succeed in the market.  The categories of products, forms, featured ingredients, and packaging are a view as to what manufacturers large and small think will fill needs for customers.   Since the customer base for natural products has grown far beyond the original Clean Label Enthusiasts, trends in this product sector often signal future trends in the general population.

WIth our culinologist partners at CuliNex, we are building a database to see “What’s NATURALLY TRENDING™?” in natural food and beverage products and ingredients, starting with those shown at the Natural Products Expo West.

Together, we’re expecting to learn and share behavioral insights in the webinar related to:

  • Which categories are getting the most innovation investment?
  • Where do brands expect the most growth?
  • In what life moments do brands see the most opportunity for new product success?
  • In what clean label and general customer segments are brands expecting growth?
  • What’s the hot new flavor or food type of the year?
  • What’s new in sustainability, particularly for food formulations or packaging?


Dave Lundahl

CEO, InsightsNow

Kathy Stephenson

Director of Marketing, CuliNex LLC