by Heather

Mar 23-26 RCA+ Research Chefs Association

Elevating Concepting through Co-Creation Partnerships

RCA+ promises to be much more than the typical conference or their other virtual events.  They are celebrating their 25th Birthday and looking ahead with excitement for the future of culinology.

InsightsNow’s Dave Lundahl will lead a roundtable discussion exploring product concepting with case studies illustrating how co-creation partnerships helped conceptual designs proceed to tangible prototypes.  

Join the roundtable discussion     Wednesday, March 24, 4-5pm CT  

InsightsNow and CuliNex offer the CRAEVS Solution process that integrates our combined technical and consumer insights expertise in each stage of the product development process.

Look for our booth and presentations and stop by to chat with Dave Lundahl and Mark Crowell of CuliNex.