Popping the Packaging Industry Bubble

How Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ is using behavioral research to launch more sustainable packaging innovation

June 16  2 p.m ET (11 a.m. PT)

Presenters:   Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer, Jennifer Higgins, Marketing Manager at 3M, Caleb Brian, Ph.D., Advanced Product Claims Specialist at 3M

Join us for a conversation with Jen and Caleb from 3M to see how Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ Protective Wrap was designed to break people’s plastic bubble habits and move to a sustainable, easily recyclable paper-based wrap.

We will discuss how they used implicit testing to select claims for nudging and disrupting behavior and how those insights impacted packaging and channel communication for this new innovation in shipping, moving, and storage.

You’ll learn:

  • What drove Scotch™ Brand to disrupt the market and decrease the environmental impact of shipping materials
  • How InsightsNow’s proprietary Implicit/Explicit™ Test identified the most impactful claims to nudge current habits and disrupt product choices to create more environmentally-friendly behaviors
  • How Scotch™ Brand activated the claims insights with channel-specific messaging to optimize product sales and usage

What behavior do you want to nudge towards an environmentally sustainable goal?

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Greg Stucky

Greg Stucky

Chief Research Officer

Jennifer Higgins

Jennifer Higgins

Marketing Manager at 3M

Caleb Brian, Ph.D.

Caleb Brian, Ph.D.

Advanced Product Claims Specialist at 3M