by Heather

InsightsNow at IIEX Behavior

IIEX Behavior 2021 is coming up on July 22, 2021. The IIEX conference series by Greenbook is a collaborative effort of leaders from across the industry and around the globe—built on the principles of collaboration, innovation, and honest conversation to move our industry forward in the best way possible. We will be joining the IIEX Behavior conference to learn the latest and greatest in ideas that are driving our ever-evolving insights and analytics industry forward. This show is specifically about how to apply behavioral science and implicit measurement in market research—right up InsightsNow’s alley! You can sign up to attend the conference—and learn about how behavior change is driving new product innovation, shopper marketing and brand equity—for no charge here:

IIEX Behavior Agenda

The agenda of the single-day conference is packed! The show kicks off with “Sunrise with an Olympian”, where we will join Paul Pujats, an Olympic pole vaulter, with our yoga mats for a trigger point release workout. We are looking forward to a live podcast session from Microsoft and Eye-see, a neuroscience talk with Alter Agents and Immersion, and a session with Canvs and C-Space on AI driving ROI—among many others!

InsightsNow’s Session on Innovation

Make sure you tune in for our session at the conference titled “The innovation dilemma: nudge or disrupt?” Our team members Kayte Hamilton and Greg Stucky will be looking at questions like: How do you know if your idea is the next billion-dollar product? How do you innovate new products so impactful they change people’s behaviors? How can you best understand how to nudge and disrupt consumer behaviors? We will be laying out the challenge of balancing implicit and explicit insights to make business decisions which result in behavioral change and innovation growth. This is a don’t miss session—you can also book time with us one-to-one through the show portal. We look forward to seeing you there!