InsightsNow’s New Innovation Center Opens Access to Behavioral Research for Product and Marketing Decisions

by Heather

InsightsNow’s New Innovation Center Opens Access to Behavioral Research for Product and Marketing Decisions

Users can leverage InsightsNow’s behavioral research expertise, the latest consumer reports, proprietary behavioral scores and research methods in the Innovation Center.


7 January 2021 – Portland, OR – InsightsNow, a behavioral research firm, has launched their new InsightsNow Innovation Center containing a wide array of product development and marketing tools for business decision making. The Innovation Center is a tech-first solution grounded in the expertise of the InsightsNow team. The portal allows customers to work with InsightsNow in a variety of ways depending on project need. 

Within the Innovation Center, users can access the latest insights regarding changing consumer behaviors and methods for tracking them; mine InsightsNow’s proprietary scoring database of consumers’ implicit responses to food, beverage and supplement ingredients; and design and launch custom studies using InsightsNow’s proprietary methodologies.

“The Innovation Center furthers our mission to support the CPG industry by raising the bar in marketing and consumer research through this innovative portal that yields faster, better insights that inspire, guide and foster innovation for a cleaner, healthier and happier world.” said Dave Lundahl, Founder and CEO of InsightsNow. “Users such as innovation, product development and marketing professionals can quickly create insights through our learning, scoring and testing centers to know how to nudge and disrupt consumers for faster, more informed decisions.”

The InsightsNow Innovation Center portal includes three primary areas:

  • The Learning Center: A resource for understanding the “why” behind consumer behaviors, where users can access behavioral reports, case studies, webinars, white papers and tracking studies.
  • The Scoring Center: A database of behavioral consumer scores where users can track consumer reactions to ingredients and their perceived benefits and associations.
  • The Testing Center: A collaborative interface that streamlines study scoping and execution where users can design and launch new conceptual, product or message testing projects in minutes.

To learn more about the InsightsNow Innovation Center or enquire about custom research, reach out to InsightsNow at or visit

About InsightsNow
InsightsNow, an award-winning behavioral research firm, partners with companies across a wide array of industry verticals to accelerate marketing, branding and product development decisions for disruptive innovations achieving a cleaner, healthier, happier world. Insights are provided via custom solutions and collaborative tools based on proprietary behavioral frameworks to help find answers faster, improving your speed-to and success-in market.


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