Incorporating Implicit Testing in Concept Scoring

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Incorporating Implicit Testing in Concept Scoring

Concept scoring allows you to easily decide between product concepts in order to choose what direction to invest in or what aspects to develop for greatest market success. InsightsNow works with your team to design a study to look at each presented concept, with a unique approach of integrating not only traditional and behavioral metrics but also taking your project further by including implicit testing—and even a way to look at lift in a specific category. 

The Implicit/Explicit Test

InsightsNow’s proprietory and unique Implicit / Explicit Test™ takes concept scoring to the next level—expanding your concept scoring project to include implicit benefits and emotions assessments. And from there, the study results in a clear view of product category lift — a way to see how the presented concepts would impact consumer choice in the marketplace.

The Implicit / Explicit Test™ uncovers motivational drivers underlying category choice. This is particularly important during the concepting stage where it is essential to know which concepts have the greatest potential impact and why. For example, you can use The Implicit/Explicit Test in a concept scoring study at this early stage to measure how, say, seeing a product package impacts the anticipation emotions of the consumer. 

We talk about the many ways to apply The InsightsNow Implict/Explicit Test to various research projects, including concept scoring projects, in our recent eBook “Six Ways to Apply Implicit Testing.” 


Discovering Category Lift

Your study can include a combination of implicit techniques and relate the gathered traditional and behavioral metrics to what we call “category lift.” Lift is based on differences in choice for concepts designed to improve or replace an existing product in shelf sets against competitive sets. Category lift is measured through a Max/Diff approach, where sets of alternative category choices are presented with a category shopper selecting the best and worst. You can see how this works by checking out our case study with plant-based protein brand, Tofurky

By incorporating category lift into your concept scoring research, along with The Implicit / Explicit Test, you gain additional insight into not only how concepts compare to each other, but which ones could earn their place in retailers against competitors in the category.​

Other advantages of doing concept scoring projects with InsightsNow includes speed to evaluations, easy access to your target audiences, and the output of the unique behavioral metrics discussed here. To learn more about doing concept scoring with us, visit our Testing Center.

Our latest eBook, “Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing,” takes a deep dive into how implicit testing can be applied to a variety of market research challenges, including concept testing.