How & When to Ask Sensitive Questions in Research

How & When to Ask Sensitive Questions in Research

InsightsNow has supported the Insights Association’s IDEA Council and their research on best practices when asking sensitive questions and will participate in upcoming events to share the recent findings and reccommendations. While InsightsNow prefers to segment people by their behavior and moments of purchase or use, including gender identity and sexual orientation questions provides helpful information in some situations.

The Insights Association has sessions scheduled  on Thursday, January 18

11am ET

How to Ask Race and Ethnicity in International Research

The Insights Association’s IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access) Council and InsightsNow will share outcomes from their study “How to Ask Race & Ethnicity in International Markets”.

Register now to learn about this topic in the UK, Australia, India, Brazil, Japan and Germany, specifically:

  • Why asking race and ethnicity demographic questions can’t be asked universally
  • What question formats perform best in each country
  • When asking race or ethnicity is appropriate versus alternative questions such as region of birth
Greg Stucky

Greg Stucky

Chief Research Officer


Kristin Wright

Kristin Wright

VP Operations & Insights


2 pm ET Presentation and 3 pm ET Open Discussion

How & When to Ask Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation in Research

At least 20 million adults in the U.S. identify as LGBT, according to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC). A large percentage of Gen Zs identify as queer. And an even larger percentage of Americans know and care about someone in their life who identifies as LGBT.

Don’t risk frustrating or offending your research participants by not sensitively and inclusively reflecting the diverse, lived experience of LGBT+ persons in your studies.

Register now to learn:

  • Why it is important to include and carefully consider such demographic questions 
  • How to phrase demographic questions that respect LGBTQ+ persons 
  • The most inclusive and appropriate wording of answer options  
  • When it’s appropriate to ask someone to disclose, provide opt-out answers or allow a question to be optional

Presented by IDEA Council members:
Lilah Raynor, Logica Research
Carlos Garcia, Garcia Research