by Heather

GRIT Survey Recognizes Ongoing Innovation

Thank you to our clients and industry leaders who voted for InsightsNow as one of the most innovative market research firms in the world.   We are grateful for clients who recognized us for our innovative approaches that go beyond simply knowing “What” people do and get to the “Whys” underlying their feelings and motivations.  We are grateful to be recognized for our innovative hybrid quantitative/qualitative solutions for co-creation, co-design and iterative product testing and validation. We are grateful to be recognized for our innovative research that uncovers the journeys that people take as shoppers, consumers, users, parents or patients such that marketers or service providers can know how to create value in the world.

At Insights Now we’re always looking for the story that integrates the consumer’s world with our clients’ products or services.  What’s the “Why”?

This report provides an interesting snapshot of how the industry is changing. We are proud to be thought of as an innovative research company – creating value within a world of change.   We always strive to dig deeper, uncover insights that are actionable through deliverables that are fast and affordable.

Thank you to the Greenbook Survey panelists, our clients, vendors, and especially to our dedicated team striving to uncover and tell human stories.

David Lundahl

Chief Executive Officer