by Heather

Going “business commando” at NPEW

In my rush to answer last minute questions before I got out the door to the airport today I forgot to put my laptop into the laptop bag. I put all my other business essentials in, but missed one important piece.  I made the discovery as I went through airport security. With no other options to retrieve it, I settled into the reality that this trip I will be going “business commando.”   

While having my laptop isn’t incredibly critical to the success of this trip, not having it does make me feel like I am missing an important article of clothing.   

I suddenly feel less effective, less agile, less able to help my team. While some underlying truths are there for some aspects of business, my self worth and value certainly aren’t tied to that laptop sitting all by its lonesome on my desk.   

In business, self confidence is one of the most important assets you have.  This gives you the ability to adapt and work with the tools around you to help solve the everyday tasks and challenges.  Working through challenges and struggles builds self confidence and enhances your ability to be effective in your role.  Challenges should be met with a positive outlook: with excitement rather than tears, with anticipation rather than dread.  Your mindset and motivation are a core part of your context- setting yourself up for success starts with a choice to face a challenge with conquering spirit.  

 The other critical asset you have is your team.  I am blessed to work with an incredible team of highly talented individuals, who are superb teammates. When I explained my reality, they were ready to assist as needed. Combined with some good humor, they provided the encouragement needed to keep that positive outlook and the accountability needed to stay engaged and true to team goals.  Encouraging our colleagues is essential if we want our work lives to be one we enjoy waking up to join, and one in which we see each person find success.  If you have issues which are lowering your self confidence your teammates should be the first place you turn, their support will give you the ability to face the challenges, learn, and grow- even if that challenge is overcoming the embarrassment of going businesses commando.   



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