Media Coverage: “Making Sense of Consumer Complexity” 

by Carrie Janot
Vice President, Marketing

Media Coverage: “Making Sense of Consumer Complexity” 

In case you missed it, the August issue of Food Technology Magazine features Dave Lundahl, our founder and CEO, in:

Making Sense of Consumer Complexity >> 

Uncovering his journey from statistics to consumer behaviorleading to essential guidance for pioneers shaping the future of consumer product goods 

Writer Mary Ellen Kuhn covers Dave’s passion for exploring human behavior which led to the establishment of InsightsNowand the company’s continued focus on understanding consumer engagement with food and beverage brands. She uncovers Dave’s philosophy, emphasizing the pivotal role of emotions in shaping consumer choices and building brand loyalty, and how this is based on moments of experience that evoke emotions before rational thoughts. This approach has paved the way for a new perspective on product innovation, particularly in the context of sustainability. 

Shaping Behavior by Understanding Human Emotions  

Emotions are instantaneous and often lead to specific behaviors, while rationalization follows. Dave speaks to the concept of implicit reactions and the approach to leveraging a deep understanding of emotional triggers to disrupt traditional thinking – ultimately creating impactful consumer experiences. 

Guiding Sustainability — Aspirations versus Reality

Our research reveals a gap between consumer aspirations for sustainability and actual purchases. Dave identifies the main factors behind the disparity – product availability, sustainability ambiguity, performance concerns, and affordability. Each issue presents untapped market potential, urging innovators to address these consumer tensions. 

Innovating Sustainably — From Startups to Industry Leaders 

The appeal in the article to “tilt product innovation in the direction of sustainability” underscores InsightsNow’s focus on creating a healthier, happier world. Brands have tremendous power to drive change by pivoting toward sustainability in product innovation. While startups have agility, established brands can take an incremental approach. Regardless of brand stage, all product leaders can have an impact toward a greener future. 

Leveraging Sensory Science and Building Trust 

A crucial aspect highlighted is the role of sensory science in designing sustainable products. Implicit signals convey sustainability to consumers. The symbiotic relationship between sustainability, sensory cues, and brand architecture resonates with buyers – while transparency, honesty and verified assertions build trust. 

Navigating Economic Challenges 

Given the economic landscape, Dave anticipates a startup shift. He expects that startups will require robust strategies and market understanding to elevate product quality and therefore foster resilient, impactful enterprises. 

There is a dynamic interplay between consumer behavior and product innovation. We are experts at helping brands address consumer tensions, guiding future innovators to craft products that resonate with consumers –  ultimately shaping behaviors that forge a healthier, happier world.