CPGMatters: Company ESG Policies for Consumer Trust

by Heather

CPGMatters: Company ESG Policies for Consumer Trust

In case you missed it—CPGmatters features InsightsNow’s viewpoint and research on consumer trust in the February 2023 issue. Our CEO and Founder, Dave Lundahl, discusses “Leveraging CPG Company ESG Policies for Consumer Trust.” Highlights include changes CPG companies are making in regard to corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practices and how these ESG policies are viewed by target consumers—particularly how they impact consumer trust. 


For many years, InsightsNow has been studying trust and its impact on purchasing loyalty, brand perception among target audiences, and how it affects the food system. The article references the latest wave of our original research that looks at trust, the “Aspirational Compass” study, and how the insights gathered helped us understand the latest in what’s going on with consumer trust and shopping behavior.


Dave also explores opportunities for brands to solidify and amplify consumer trust through careful and strategic planning of ESG initiatives. Communicating about corporate ESG the right way is important in the marketplace today. It’s a step toward building trust with shoppers aspiring to shop more sustainably and responsibly. These consumers “are looking for brands they can trust to fulfill promises of sustainability, and meet their aspirational shopping goals.” 


Using market research to understand perceptions and motivations around brand trust is vital to strategically approaching ESG policy implementation. It informs holistic “approaches for product innovation and positioning, brand evolution and marketing messaging” for marketplace success. 

Learn more at Leveraging CPG Company ESG Policies for Consumer Trust, or reach out to us to discuss the best approach for you.