Kimberly A. Greenwood

CFS, Senior Research Director

Kimberley A. Greenwood has focused her career on understanding and translating behavioral and sensory research into actionable insights. She brings a high level of analytical skills, collaboration and sense of urgency to her work and finds joy in helping others achieve success. Her early career with companies like MillerCoors, ConAgra and Gallo Winery makes her uniquely positioned to support, nurture and empathize with clients. For InsightsNow, she has led the charge away from traditional sensory-only studies to include implicit and hybrid techniques that deepen consumer and product understanding. Kimberley holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology with a concentration in Food Industry Management from Colorado State University. She gives back to her professional community through volunteerism for the Sensory Division of IFT (awarded Volunteer of the Year 2020), and the Minnesota branch of Society of Sensory Professionals. Kimberley is a Certified Food Scientist, trained sensory panel leader and enjoys cooking, wine tasting/pairing, being active and spending time with her family.