Rapid Product Development Solution Launched by InsightsNow and CuliNex

by Heather

Rapid Product Development Solution Launched by InsightsNow and CuliNex

CRAEVS Solution developed to help food and beverage companies take products quickly through concept, commercialization and commerce stages. 

30 September 2020 – Portland, OR – InsightsNow, a behavioral research firm, in partnership with CuliNex, a clean label product development consulting firm for the food industry, have released a new product development solution called CRAEVS (an acronym for Clean Label Research through Agile Evolutions into Stores). The companies brought together their respective consumer insights and culinary innovation expertise to build this end-to-end solution for food and beverage company’s innovation efforts. 

 “The solution is a first for the food industry. It brings together the creativity of culinary experts, inspired and guided by consumer insights, to accelerate cost effective product development timelines,” said Dave Lundahl, CEO and Founder of InsightsNow. “The all-in-one solution not only streamlines the process from initial opportunity all the way to the store shelf to deliver cleaner, healthier food product alternatives sought by consumers, it is especially needed during current times to help companies overcome the workflow disruptions caused by the ongoing pandemic.” 

The CRAEVS Solution was built to take food product and marketing teams through five sprints in a completely integrated process:  

  1.  Clean Label Category Review: Understand competitive space and potential consumers, find your focus
  2. Co-Create Concepts: Gather qualitative consumer data to create and refine concepts
  3. Co-Design Products & Packaging: Develop and measure effectiveness of target prototypes 
  4. Commercialize Products & Packaging: Scale production conditions and match prototype to goals 
  5. Retail Store or Home Use Testing: Validate the product and get shelf performance feedback

The five phases are implemented through a single teamformed by InsightsNow and CuliNex, structured to bring together culinary and food science innovation with insights from consumers in a rapid iterative manner. 

 “By using insights-driven research, we are able to partner together to inspire, guide and validate the product development process,” said Mark Crowell, CEO of CuliNex. “Between our two teams, we have 100+ years of development experience that can help food and beverage companies say ahead of trends—particularly for clean label products.” 

To learn more about CRAEVS, please visit www.craevs.com.  

 About InsightsNow 

InsightsNow, an award-winning behavioral research firm, partners with companies across a wide array of industry verticals to accelerate marketing, branding and product development decisions for disruptive innovations achieving a cleaner, healthier world. Insights are provided via custom solutions and assisted DIY tools based on proprietary behavioral frameworks to help find answers faster, improving your speed-to and success-in market.  www.insightsnow.com 

 About CuliNex 

CuliNex is a product development consultancy specializing in the development of delicious clean label food products. CuliNex works with brand owners, food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, retailers, and multi-unit foodservice operators to achieve their growth goals by bringing successful products to market.         www.culinex.biz 



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