InsightsNow at CPG Matters LEAD (Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics, and Digital Applications) Marketing Conference

ESG at LEAD Marketing Conference

In October, InsightsNow participated in the CPG Matters LEAD (Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics, and Digital Applications) Marketing Conference. Our CEO and Founder, Dave Lundahl and our Chief Research Officer Greg Stucky, presented on “Going Beyond Clean Label—Targeting Aspirational Goals.” This dug into how you can apply market research learnings to corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives in the best way to reach target consumers. You can view the recording by signing up here.


Clean Label Consumers

InsightsNow has long been examining the behavior of a group of consumers we call Clean Label Enthusiasts™. This trend-identifying set of consumers make purchases which reflect their strong values about protecting the environment and health. They help researchers stay on the leading edge of what’s coming in food, beverage, personal and household care—and other fast-moving consumer packaged goods. This group is a particularly good resource for understanding corporate ESG initiative implementation impact on consumer behavior.


Shifting Behaviors of Consumers

During the CPG Matters LEAD Marketing Conference, our session shared how these Clean Label consumers have shifted behaviors influenced by the pandemic, inflationary and environmental conditions. While still aspiring toward purchasing simple, healthy, sustainable products that support their values, actual shopper behavior reveals segments based on patterns in their “gaps.” 


Implicit Testing and the Shopping Gap

In “Going Beyond Clean Label—Targeting Aspirational Goals,” Dave and Greg talked about the implicit testing techniques InsightsNow used to explore this segment of buyers and their gap. This “gap” refers to how these consumers would aspire to shop in an “ideal world” versus how they actually shop in the real world. Our session talked about how to innovate to close this gap, and also meet corporate ESG goals. 


Applying to Corporate ESG Initiatives

Dave and Greg shared the case study from our recent research-on-research that uncovered specific consumer motivations—and these opportunities for targeting. Learn how this study and the insights uncovered can provide brands with opportunities for targeting product and brand messaging to increase trial and loyalty, and to support corporate ESG goals.  

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