Collaborative Study Articles on Demographic Questions featured in Quirks

by Heather

Collaborative Study Articles on Demographic Questions featured in Quirks

As part of its research-on-research efforts, the Insights Association’s IDEA Council has published a report, “How to ask race and ethnicity questions in a more inclusive and sensitive way.” InsightsNow was part of this highly collaborative study with a number of other companies and council members contributing to the efforts.


Improving Demographic Questions

We worked with the IDEA Council and other researchers on an overview article in Quirks about improving demographic questions across the entire marketing research and insight industry. In the article, we discuss the genesis and phases of this ongoing research-on-research initiative from the IDEA Council, key considerations to the race and ethnicity phase of the study, the methodology used, and takeaways for research structures. 

Using Implicit Testing

In conjunction with the main overview article in Quirks, our Sara Yang contributed to the article “Understanding demographic questions through implicit testing.” This article talks about how results from implicit testing can offer well-rounded answers regarding race and ethnicity. As part of the Insights Association’s IDEA Council study, respondents’ feelings about personal scenarios were calibrated using their reaction speed for a better overview of positive and negative implicit and explicit answers.

Gen Z Specific Insights

In another supporting article in Quirks, our partners at Logica Research explained some of the IDEA Council’s findings on Gen Z: “Outdated demographics? Gen Z and new definitions of identity.” In the piece, they discussed how market researchers can go beyond asking race and ethnicity questions and shift thinking about identity to best include Gen Z. You can view the article on Gen Z here:

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