Building Choice into Product Research to Sharpen Decisions

Building Choice into Product Research to Sharpen Decisions

Part 2: Series into Creating Product Experiences that People Love

Event:  Thursday, March 21, 2024    2pm ET (11am PT)

Dave Lundahl

Dave Lundahl

CEO & Founder



It takes more than “Liking” to win.  Nothing counts more than winning the shopping choice moment – especially repeat choice. Product research often includes choice metrics such as purchase intent, forced choice and ranking. These metrics are typically used in making business decisions. However, they are generated while participants are in product usage moments, whereas choices in reality are in shopping moments. This can lead to inaccurate results and heightened risk in making ill-informed decisions.

Join us and learn about alternative metrics that add shopping context to your product research to improve your innovation or renovation decision making. 


Your takeaways?

    • How to better target innovation opportunities through shopper engagement
    • How to assess the impact of a product concept on shoppers’ chooses against a competitive set of alternatives
    • How and why to add context to your choice assessments 
    • How to validate the behavioral impact of sensory product renovations on shopper choices


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