by Carrie Janot
Vice President, Marketing

Branding Trends in Food & Beverage

Each year, we head to Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) to discover the latest trends leading the way for food and beverage—which we publish in our InsightsNow Naturally Trending™ Food & Beverage Report. Previous trends from 2023 explored are Taste is King, Diversification of Plant-Based Applications, and New and Growing Marketing Claims.

Here we explore the fourth trend, “Branding to Differentiate

We discovered a notable shift in branding strategies within the industry from last year. In our new InsightsNow Naturally Trending™ Food & Beverage Report we cover the incredible innovation and creativity we discovered there and note the shift in the “Branding to Differentiate” section of our report.  Previously at the expo, we have seen companies rely more on product claims to build brand recognition but this year we saw a focus toward building bold and distinctive brands, utilizing minimalist design languages and playing up their mission-based ethos to target very specific demographics, genders and generations.

Package Design to Support the Brand 

One of the standout features at NPEW this year was the incorporation of exciting elements in packaging design. We saw brands experimenting with cool fonts, catchy colors (think pink) and sustainable packs with minimal waste. This evolution underscores the increasing importance of packaging in attracting consumers and cultivating brand loyalty. In the crowded, competitive food and beverage market, standing out from the crowd is crucial. 

Products Highlighted in the Natural Trending Report 

Some of the products that caught our eye with their branding included Chobani® who stood out from the crowd with their promotion of diverse missions, including employing refugees and promoting healthier eating for children. The beverage brand Sunwink™ differentiated itself with clean and fresh labels, clear health benefits claims and a keen understanding of its target customer. See our report for other featured brands! 

How to Discover Successful Branding Approaches 

How can brands determine the most effective brand approach for their specific products? The key lies in understanding consumer behavior and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, food and beverage companies can tailor their branding efforts in a way that resonates with customers on a deep and meaningful level. By crafting a powerful brand identity, companies can exceed customer expectations, foster loyalty and build lasting relationships with their consumers.