InsightsNow at IIEX Behavior: Applying Behavioral Science

by Heather

InsightsNow at IIEX Behavior: Applying Behavioral Science

attemberWe can’t wait to see you at IIEX Behavior 2022, coming up in Chicago September 13-14. InsightsNow has been to this conference before, and it is a not-to-be-missed event that digs into the latest and most powerful behavioral science approaches being used today. IIEX Behavior’s focus is the same as InsightsNow—”the best insights come from not only understanding your audience but seeking to understand the ‘why’ behind the choices and decisions they make.” When you combine behavioral science (the biological, cognitive, and psychological analysis of what compels a consumer to behave or react in a specific way) with the right market research approaches, you get the right insights to make the right decisions. 

“Tilting” Food Product Innovation for a Sustainable Future​

Our CEO & Founder Dave Lundahl will be speaking at the show on “tilting” product innovation to meet consumer aspirations. As sustainability is now recognized as an over-arching concern, the food industry is challenged to match consumer drivers and industry demands to deliver a “cleaner” future. Integrating a human-centered approach to identify whitespace in five strategic areas provides a roadmap for innovation and marketing success while tilting toward sustainable products and processes. This talk presents a new perspective for incorporating behavioral insights of moments, motivations, and emotions with market and technology information to meet brand and global goals. We hope you can catch him Wednesday, September 14, at 11:20 AM in Track one.


The InsightsNow Lounge at IIEX Behavior

You can catch Dave and the rest of our team when you come recharge at the InsightsNow Lounge. InsightsNow team members Michelle Pretto and Ann Bracken will be there! Swing by our Lounge to connect with each other, catch up and literally recharge your devices (and yourself). We will be your soft landing between sessions near the food station, bocce ball and pool tables right in the middle of the conference hall. Sounds fun, right? We can’t wait to see you there.


Anticipating IIEX Behavior Sessions 

Our CEO’s speaking session is not the only one we are looking forward to attending. We are excited to learn how behavioral and neuroscience are being applied in real case studies from brands like TikTok, McDonalds and AllState. Particularly, we are looking forward to the Farmer’s Fridge session on “How to Reinforce (or Disrupt) Your Key Brand Benefit: Leveraging Implicit Association Testing.” We use the InsightsNow Implicit / Explicit Test™ to understand this topic, and will be interested to hear how others are using implicit testing. We also hope to catch the session from Mars Wrigley, “We Better Behave! BeSci to Accelerate a More Sustainable Future.” Sustainability is not only a hot topic, at InsightsNow it is core to our mission to create a happier, healthier world. And also we look forward to discovering the secrets of getting BeSci findings out to the world with Ogilvy during their session, “Insights to Action – Seven (Hard Won) Secrets to Getting Your BeSci Findings Out Into the Real World.” Which sessions are you most looking forward to catching? You can check out the show agenda here.


Talking BeSci

Make sure to connect with our delegates Dave Lundahl, Michelle Pretto and Ann Bracken through the show app, and you can set up meetings (and meet us in the InsightsNow lounge) by getting on our calendars. If you aren’t going to be at IIEX Behavior, we can still connect and catch you up on everything we shared and learned at the conference. Reach out to us!