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Activating Attribute Insights: Challenges and Solutions

We’ve been buzzing about Insights Activation here at InsightsNow. Gathering insights through best market research approaches for the project is critical of course, but this entails taking those insights and “going beyond.” In our webinar, “Challenges and Solutions to Activating Attribute Insights for Food Product Design,” our CEO and Founder Dave Lundahl was joined by insights leaders from Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition, The Center for Food Integrity and Mintel to dig into the dynamics surrounding Insights Activation in the food industry.


Consumer Change​ in Food Systems Trust​

Firstly, the webinar panel examined how, since 2019, our InsightsNow Clean Label Enthusiasts™ study shows that consumers’ trust in food systems has decreased dramatically. They also looked at where consumer trust lies—from regulatory governmental bodies to nutritional advocacy groups to food companies themselves and beyond. To see the data, view the recording of the webinar here.


Implicit Bias Research

The webinar goes on to look at how InsightsNow’s Implict/Explicit Test™ was used to better understand the trends by gathering the right food insights from the Clean Label Enthusiasts community. By using this research approach, InsightsNow was able to track the changing consumer trust and bias over a number of years. Learn more about how this worked by viewing “Challenges and Solutions to Activating Attribute Insights for Food Product Design.”


Hearing from the Panel

Most of the webinar discussion centered on our panel guests answering key questions about how to take this information, and insights from research projects, and truly activate them throughout companies and industries. Roxi Beck from the The Center for Food Integrity discussed “In this world of change, what are the challenges in winning back consumer trust in food systems?​” And Tia Rains from Ajinomoto, answered “What are some of the challenges in overcoming implicit biases about certain food attributes?” Carl Fritscher with Mintel dove into “What insights can we generate today from attribute level data to overcome some of these challenges to activate successful food development and marketing decisions?” To hear what these experts have to say, make sure to get the recording of our “Challenges and Solutions to Activating Attribute Insights for Food Product Design” webinar. ​