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6 Applications of Implicit Testing

6 Applications Utilizing Implicit Methodology

Why use the Implicit / Explicit Test?

By studying implicit and explicit reactions through the InsightsNow Implicit / Explicit Test™, you are able to gather the insights needed to impact future consumer behavior—either by nudging current behaviors along or disrupting behavior to drive new choices. 

The Implicit / Explicit Test is a patent pending approach to assess whether each person’s reaction is implicit or explicit—and in which direction. It is unique in that it provides a calibrated classification for each person each time they complete the test. This gives you the ability to see the exact percentage of people who are reacting a certain way, allowing a quantifiable way to move forward in the best way possible with products, projects and plans.

By digging into accurate insights regarding implicit reactions, researchers, product developers and marketers can make better decisions to monitor and set goals against behavioral change— and create realistically achievable metrics for all key stakeholders and for the supply chain. 

There are six major applications of the Implicit / Explicit Test that we will explore in this paper: claims, ingredients, labels, brand trust and awareness, emotions, context, relevance and benefits. 

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