by Heather

Sept. 30-Oct. 1 Quirks Event – Chicago

Look for our exhibit at Quirk’s Chicago coming up soon!

September 30-October 1, 2021

Hyatt Hotel, Downtown Chicago

We’re meeting people in person again in this show.  It promises to be busy and stimulating.

We’re excited for the many touch points available for personal conversations and roundtables that are a large value of these events.

Please connect with us on the exhibit floor where we’ll be highlighting:

    • Implicit testing tools for behavioral research tools 
    • InsightsNow’s Innovation Center suite of resources

CEO Dave Lundahl is a featured presenter with “The newness effect: Connecting the dots between implicit emotional impact and behavioral disruption”

This talk will present an exciting discovery, advancing consumer product research through the introduction of the “newness effect.” This approach uses implicit research techniques to gauge emotional impact of a new product and a behavioral KPI for LIFT that predicts the market share that a new product will take from a product category or competitive set of SKUs. The newness effect is extensible to any product category and product positioning.

You’re invited to stop by our booth and see how we our new implicit testing tools can improve your agility in the market with consumer behavioral insights.

Come meet Dave, Art, Kayte, and Ann to learn more.